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I'm Mat. On this site you will find all kinds of info about my experiecnes with my truck.
Feel free to browse around and take a peek.
Site Updates

04/19/2003- site started:UNDER CONSTRUCTION!
05/26/2003- Added couple of pics.
05/29/2003- Added more pics.
10/08/2003- Started to fill in stake pockets: pics to come!

05/06/2004- The stake pockets are done, no pics yet, and emblems are shaved. only one pic though. just bought a new digital camera and I'm experimenting still!

05/08/2004- Stake pocket pics and more!

07/15/2004- Roll pan in work  with pics!

Excuse the slow build-up of this site. I don't have much time to play with it. Please be patient!

Great site full of all kinds of Ford Ranger stuff!
Ranger Power Sports

New Toy!
I needed something to carry the kids around in, the ranger was getting to small. So the jeep is my get around vehicle and the truck is my project vehicle. Build up is still slow. I work on it when I get the time.